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Random person on the internet trying damn hardest to become famous, while still retaining some dignity.

Sick of 'em by Neko-Spartan
Here's other stamps/buttons/whatever, have fun!


Deer lord, FINALLY! I found some version of movie maker that works!!! Isn't it hilarious? Movie maker is the equivalent of paint when it comes to video editing, yet finding it was insanely difficult. I tried other programs as well, but they either didn't work or exported videos with some giant watermarks. Anyway, maybe my dumb youtube can get started after this who knows how long hiatus.
Yesterday I bought Pheonix Wright Spirit of Justice. I think when I finish it I'll make a review/comparison to Dual Destinies. I'm really eager to see how this game compares to DD (I absolutely LOVE DD, so it's bound to be interesting comparing them)
Mind blown to smithereens! I *FINALLY* downloaded AM2R, aka Metroid 2 remake, and the zip file was called "Go Suck a Dick Nintendo it's AM2R Again". Suck dick indeed, this game is fricking awesome. Nintendo stopped caring about one of it's most beloved franchises, so a guy decided to do something on his own. 10 years of working alone on this project and few months ago it has been finally finished, with nintendo taking it down in a matter of seconds. Luckily, once something gets to internet it stays there forever and you can find links with just one google search.…
Great thing is: years ago I already knew about it, and even finished one of the early demos. The thought of this project being finished one day was unreal, but here it is! Go play it now
Anyone has an idea where I could download movie maker? Or anything like it that won't cost entire life savings?
12 more hands, this time only specific poses and all are traces. In some I just traced the overall proportions, while in others line for line. And I think I'm getting the hang of this.
While everyone else was busy drawings hearts and shit I was practising like a madman. But it's enough for now, gonna come back to drawing some actual drawings. I'll also post those 3 A4 sheets of my struggle.
ALSO I bought and tried for the first time this pigma micron fineliner literally everyone is using on DA, and I see the appeal. For manga and cartoons it's probably the best choice, but now is the question what I'm gonna do with my unipins???
27 hand drawings in 3 days. Fuck, I'm bound to improve at it right? Tomorrow gonna trace on 15 more from photos and drawings, maybe that will help too .
7006 page views and 76 watchers. Nice. 
You know how butt class is called in keijo?
It took me a while to get it, but damn, this is great.
I have to use a ~16 years old laptop with windows XP, no mouse and a whopping 700mb of ram. I'll probably stay dead for a little longer.
2 days ago my PC died. Yesterday my 15 years old cat died.
So now this profile will go dead too.

Not forever.
Nice, I got 2 subs on my YT account. With this motivation I will now FINALLY finish making that video I started about 2 months ago!

After watching another Soul Eater episode, that is
I have FINALLY finished my folder that has all my drawings, from the first one, from over 2 years ago, up to the last, which I did yesterday. 218 drawings on 208 photos all numbered. It took an unholy amount of time but it's DONE. Whew, it was annoying, long and difficult, but now I have my complete archive. Now I only gotta update it regularly and it'll all be beautiful.
Related to that: I can now start uploading stuff on my tumblr again!
You know youtube sometime has.... "interesting" comment threads on it, right? Here's probably the best one I read, ever.
The review itself is amazing too, but the first thread underneath is just.... godly. You'll know when you see it. If not sure, then it's some wrong one, keep looking.
I learned today the most basic basics of making GIFs in GIMP. Expect moving stuff and unholy edits in the future.
Whewf, I finished my Mami Tomoe sketch.
It. Was. Hard. And weird too. You'll see what I mean once I upload it. It really is something else. And you don't even have the slightest idea just how it'll look (:
I CAUGHT A SHINY!… This one, the creepy ghost sandcastle! Fun thing, when I caught the bastard my battery was DYING, it had only few minutes left of energy and I was at least 40min away from home. That was the most intense save I ever did, whoah!
APPARENTLY removing backgrounds from someone's art, then replacing it with different and adding some little effects is "an art form I don't understand". I see you're trying hard to make me go away, DA, but no amount of inane bullshit will do. I stay here, deal with it.
Jokes aside, this is ridiculous, and should be put to an end.
This is the worst animation I have ever seen
Don't watch it..... just kidding watch it and laugh your ass off thanks to all the hilariously bad acting and even worse animation! Seriously how can you screw up something so darn hard?


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